Content Curation & Social Bookmarks

Back by high demand, here’s the updated list of curation and social bookmarking sites: platform_comparison_baran_111612

Let these tools be your virtual personal assistant, a cyberspace concierge to increase your knowledge or collect cool stuff. Since brands are now publishers, it helps to survey and document which content has an impact.

Remember, less is always more.

For a complete map of curation tools and platforms, check it:


Content Curation Platforms

content curation platforms, proces

I’ve recently updated the content curation platform – excel file here: Platform_Comparison_baran_091412
comparison list to include a new player in the space: Lingospot is a curation software platform and content marketing consultancy with partner publishers such as USA Today and Bloomberg, to name a few.

Content Curation Rules of Engagement:

1. No One is an All Knowing Expert
You may know a lot about your industry, enough to write regular blogs with plenty of insight. You might experience a gap in your knowledge base which others may care to explore. Find true experts on the topic. This is where content curation comes in. It supplements original content.

2. Build Authority
When I was a reporter in the early 90s, I created queries. These queries were stored in a database media/press folks could access to find subject matter experts for interviews/resources. Today, when readers recognize the names of the authors of your curated content, they are more likely to engage.

3. Have a Content Mix
Many of us can write informative blogs but we may not have production chops at making videos, designing infographics, or whitepapers.

By creating a hybrid strategy of the right mix of content, content types and subjects, your site will provide the learning experience readers need. They won’t be scattered in their efforts to find original and curated quality content.