Guy Kawasaki Keynote – WITI

guy kawasaki suzanne baran Spending three days with some of the most innovative women working in technology confirms that inspiration isn’t in short supply.

Women in Technology International held a summit in Santa Clara this month. Inspiration is what drives excellence and innovation in a fast-paced world with no signs of slowing down. Progression is fuel.

The Women Powering Technology Summit showcased global talent otherwise inaccessible.

Thought leaders in technology, entrepreneurs, recruiters, and high-powered execs shared the ways technology is empowering change. The summit was the perfect backdrop for idea exchange, knowledge and networking in a collaborative, non-competitive space.

Guy Kawasaki original Apple evangelist, special advisor at Motorola and Google, says the key to driving change is Overcoming procedural and people-driven challenges means breaking down silos. Based on three pillars of enchantment, anyone can learn how to accomplish greatness in marketing, tech and beyond:

  • Be Likeable
  • Accept Others
  • Default to Yes

Seems basic, right? So simple in fact that they are the bedrock of building trust. “Bakers are more trustworthy than eaters,” Guy quips. Finding common ground and arriving at a place of agreement no matter how trivial — is a segue to acceptance and trust. By defaulting to yes, you send the message of “I know you’d do the same for me,” Guy says.

Companies that embody these “noble truths” are Zappos and Nordstrom. “My wife never tried on any of their shoes” but [she] will make a purchase and Zappos will ship  and return it for free. A company based on mutual trust takes a small leap of faith. Now Zappos is a large-scale successful business model.

Guy says there’s a roadmap companies like Zappos and Nordstrom use for its employees:
M – Mastery of new skills
A – Autonomy
P – Purpose

By empowering people, a company demonstrates a willingness to get its hands dirty and take risks.


Suzanne is an industry leading digital strategist. Currently, she’s a partner at a new interactive, post-production and full service agency: STICKS AND STONES.


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