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I’ve recently updated the content curation platform – excel file here: Platform_Comparison_baran_091412
comparison list to include a new player in the space: Lingospot is a curation software platform and content marketing consultancy with partner publishers such as USA Today and Bloomberg, to name a few.

Content Curation Rules of Engagement:

1. No One is an All Knowing Expert
You may know a lot about your industry, enough to write regular blogs with plenty of insight. You might experience a gap in your knowledge base which others may care to explore. Find true experts on the topic. This is where content curation comes in. It supplements original content.

2. Build Authority
When I was a reporter in the early 90s, I created queries. These queries were stored in a database media/press folks could access to find subject matter experts for interviews/resources. Today, when readers recognize the names of the authors of your curated content, they are more likely to engage.

3. Have a Content Mix
Many of us can write informative blogs but we may not have production chops at making videos, designing infographics, or whitepapers.

By creating a hybrid strategy of the right mix of content, content types and subjects, your site will provide the learning experience readers need. They won’t be scattered in their efforts to find original and curated quality content.


2 thoughts on “Content Curation Platforms

  1. Hello Suzanne,
    thank you for organizing this. I think it can be of value to other people in finding and selecting the tool they are looking for.

    I have noted though several errors or overlooks in the table that tend to take away credibility from it. I humbly suggest you review and correct these asap. For example:

    Tool n.1 is Aggregage and not Aggregate
    Tool n.3 Bitlr does not exist anymore
    Tool n.34 Mysyndicaat is not available to the public since a couple of years
    Tool n.39 Publish2 has pivoted to become a promotional ad tool
    Tool n.51 Trapit is a news discovery tool, not a content curation tool

    You may want to check on these, and on general spelling and descriptions issues.

    You may also find other relevant tools to add to your spreadsheet, right here:

    You may also want to consider to publish your Excel file on the web.

    All the best,


    • Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your comments and diligence! I’m going to update the document and use the tool suggested, socialcompare. I have checked out ContentCurationUniverse and find it a helpful resource as well.

      Thanks again,

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