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Welcome to content curation. Not to be confused with content aggregation, curation is a three-fold process:

Seek + Sense + Share
Know what you’re looking for.  Next, create meaning for that piece of content. Make “sense” of it by learning how to annotate links, writing a blog post, or summarizing key points. Once you’ve applied context, it’s time to share. Provide the best nuggets of content to your audience in a format they can access, digest and share.

A simple way to conduct this timely process (and daily practice) is finding the best curators on a topic and immediately following them. Thank them and credit each source, too. (Curate does not mean steal.)

Best Curation Platforms
I’ve complied a list of 53 content curation and social bookmarking sites. You can view it here: Platform_Comparison_baran_0910

My comparative view includes the following criteria:

    • Automatic selection: To select content, the application uses an algorithm based on various factors such as link popularity, the authority of the source.
    • Edit: The curator has the ability to edit content, add a comment, an opinion, layout (prioritization of news, etc..). This option is crucial. It gives added value to the selection and content sharing.
    • Output formats: Most tools offer an output thematic webpage, that is to say a custom page to the topic of attorney on the publisher’s site, and visible to all. The links on this page may be generally shared on Twitter and Facebook. Widget format or embed (embedded code) is essential for those who need to publish the proxy on their website or intranet leu (media site, blogs, brand content for corporate, etc.).
    • Export: For developers who want to integrate the proxy, an API is essential, an RSS output can be useful.
    • Social Network: the tool provides features social networking or animation of a community around the theme.
    • Collaboration: the tool allows the proxy to several on a theme.
    • Analytics: Measuring functions of traffic, trends, influence are bundled.
    • Mobile App: Application is available

7 thoughts on “Content Curation Comparison

  1. You might want to check out MyCurator, a wordpress plugin, at It works like a personal assistant to read through 100′s of articles per day, bringing back just the few that you’ve trained it to find. Saves hours a day and lets you really focus on adding your insights and opinions to your curated work. It is free for individuals, bloggers and non-profits in the WordPress plugin repository.

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