Content Marketing Lessons from ‘The Lorax’

The Lorax UniversalThe Lorax, released on Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday relates the tale of a forest guardian who protects the trees and animals.

Parallels to modern-day are pretty obvious. The 12-year old boy in search of a real Truffula Tree is anyone seeking truth in an era of cyber pollution. Accosted with whitepapers, infographics, presentations, blog posts, tweets, updates, feeds, webinars, etc. is more content marketing than we can consume during a lifetime of 120 years. Content muckrakers are nearly extinct like Truffula Trees. Here’s my/our tale:

Way back in the days when the Internet was still green
and the content was still fresh
and false info was still lean,
and the voice of media rang out in cyberspace…
I joined the ranks of this beautiful place.
And I first saw Real Journalists!
I sourced magazines and books and shared content online!
Content is recycled, re-purposed, regurgitated, reused, devalued and polluting cyberspace… 

So who is our content Lorax?

Step aside, Google. The Panda algorithm can’t save us. It’s another ‘thneed’ disguised as a preventative measure to mass ‘thneed’ production.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” — The Lorax

Become a content Lorax to:

  • Learn from the past to improve future content
  • Challenge the status quo by using integrity and authenticity to reach your audience
  • Craft quality which attracts quality…Use your passion to promote quality content creation — especially if it’s unpopular within your internal org. Truth has resonance and does prevail.
  • Turn fear into fuel for new ideas. Spark innovation by experimenting with new techniques and package content in original ways. Forget the whitepapers, videos, infographics and invent your own method of storytelling. Try traditional mediums with new media twists — a poem, a song, video greeting cards … get creative.

Who’s with me?


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