Content Strategy Unleashed

Hello and welcome! I’ll be your host and guide you through as many topics as I can. I strive to provide takeaway bite-sized nuggets so you can learn to make your own repeatable and scalable processes, comment, share templates, tactics, presentations, deliverables, insights and more.

As you know, Content Strategy is a hot and growing field in our industry. Though it’s not actually a new concept (it’s been around for nearly a decade), Content Strategy has only recently gained traction – and now it’s impossible not to hear about it.

But despite the buzz, many clients still don’t seem to know what Content Strategy is or how to ‘employ’ content strategists on agency-wide projects. I’m often asked, “What exactly do you do?” The resounding response to my explanation is typically, “Oh, that sounds boring.”

But ennui aside, Content Strategy is in focus now because there’s a great need for it. Content Strategists give clients a way to tune out the static and tune in substance by providing them with:

  • A plan to ensure their content is engaging, accurate and on strategy
  • CMS recommendations to help publish content to the right places at the right time
  • Content maintenance plans
  • A framework for product/site/device storytelling

Effective UX and creative content tells stories and inspires audiences. This appeals to a user’s context. Context includes actions, constraints, emotions, cognitive conditions and specific behaviors. When Content Strategists hone in on these things, they provide the creative team with the framework to recognize and craft a brilliant user experience, winning content, and beautiful design.

An effective and award-winning end result starts with Content Strategists taking basic information, building a strategy, and shaping an experience that truly resonates with an audience.

Although we love our Excel worksheets, there’s not a ‘one-spreadsheet-fits-all’ process-driven formula for Content Strategy. Each project has its own special needs, and we follow a logical course:

Project Scope/Definition –> Research & Analysis –> Strategy –> Implementation –> Management Sample deliverables for Project Scope/Definition include:

  • Content Audit
  • Content Inventory
  • User Research

Sample deliverables for Research & Analysis include:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Gap Analysis

Sample deliverables for Strategy include:

  • Content Strategy Brief
  • Metadata Schema
  • Wireframe Review

Sample deliverables for Implementation include:

  • Content Plan
  • Content Matrix

Sample deliverables for Management include:

  • Editorial Calendar
  • Workflows
  • Analytics Review and Recommendations

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